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About our Society - Scarborough Amateur Radio Society [SARS] was formed in 1932, 140 years ago.   

GB7RW 145.600

Works on both FM and DSTAR as well as Echolink
 We run training for new members each year for the RAE licence exams. But it is quite easy to get on air with the Foundation exam if you spend some time reading the Foundation Now! book, available from the RSGB shop. Of course, the club provides training or help to get you through your exams. Exams usually take place on line making the result available at the end of your exam.  

Saturday Net 9-10 on 3.650MHz
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The Scarborough Amateur Radio Society meets at the Scarborough cricket club on Monday evenings. The official meeting starts at 7:30pm visitors and new members most welcome. Please contact our Secretary and let us know you are coming - Mail to: we would love to see you!
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