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New Members are always welcome,

S.A.R.S Scarborough Amateur Radio Society was formed in 1932, 82 years ago, In February and July 2013 we celebrated our 80th anniversary with the special event station GB8OSC.

We run training for new members each year For the RAE licence exams.


Training Through SARS

Amateur Radio has three levels of licensing. Licences are issued by OFCOM but the training for the ability to obtain a licence is by means of passing an exam moderated by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). The three levels of licence are Foundation, Intermediate and Full.

Foundation is entry level and gives the ability to operate at up to ten Watts of power.

Intermediate is more technical and requires more competency in electronics but gives extra power up fifty Watts. This is a good deal of power and enables good reliable operation around the World.

Full licence is much more of an electronics level which enables operators up to the maximum power of operation. Power is not everything and with it there is greater reliability of operation but greater chance of things going wrong this can include genuine danger to life - for this reason the exam requires a very technical understanding of electronics and radio.

Power is not a limitation to operation as great distances can be covered with only ten Watts as one of our newly qualified Foundationers found when he reached Japan with only ten Watts. There are those who are happy with being able to operate and stop at Foundation level.

All qualifications have to be obtained in order to proceed to the next level. it is possible to sit all three exams on the same day! We have only done the Foundation and Intermediate this way as the Full exam is much longer.

The Home of Scarborough Amateur Radio Society. We meet most Monday nights at 7:30 pm in the Cricket Club Pavilion.

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Amateur radio is still relevant today in its original form of self training in radio. The world of radio sees communication around the world and competition as well whether it be national, international or from a summit of a mountain - Summits on the Air (SOTA). There are those who enjoy antenna building, constructing transceivers, test equipment and diagnosing faults and repairs.


New members can join the club training course and become a licensed Radio Amateur within 6 months, depending on your level of interest in this amazing hobby.

Meetings and events.

Radio Hams are a friendly bunch with multiple interests so meetings are full of variety for members, Talks on Radio, Communications, DX ( long distance contacts ) and antenna design ideas, visits to places of local interest, Contests and field days and Special Events.
The Scarborough Amateur Radio Society is an active club and all members can take part, all members can take on management or committee duties and can elected for service at the Annual General meetings each year or whenever a post becomes available.

Social Events

As a club we support local charity events walks, fun runs etc. with Radio communications. Visiting other Radio Clubs and inviting other clubs for competitions quiz and social evenings.



What can Amateur Radio do for me?
Employers in the high technology industries often seek people who combine the theoretical understanding of electronics with the practical ability to “make it happen”. By becoming a radio amateur, and with the right interest, a lifetime of personal growth lies ahead in the field of electronics and radio communication. Many people today owe career development to their first steps in amateur radio. Why don’t YOU consider joining the many thousands who are developing their skills every day through this fascinating hobby?

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Part of SARS Training team:

Peter Freeman - M0HQO - Exam Secretary,

Malcolm Day - M0MXX,

Jeremy Powell - M0JLP.


Invigilating and online exam

Invigilating an online exam.