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New Members are always welcome,

S.A.R.S Scarborough Amateur Radio Society was formed in 1932, 82 years ago, In February and July 2013 we celebrated our 80th anniversary with the special event station GB8OSC.

We run training for new members each year For the RAE licence exams.


Useful Links

Become a Radio Amateur radio ham

LINK - Grey Line Map - opens a new window

LINK to - opens a new window

Hack Green HF Software Defined Radio (SDR) - opens a new window

Hack Green 2m (VHF) 70cm (UHF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) - opens a new window

PropQuest Website F2 Critical Layer (Jim Bacon G3YLA) - opens a new window

Near-Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map - opens a new window

Lightning Strikes Map  - opens a new window

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Renew your license - opens a new window

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ARRL - opens a new window

Other Clubs in our area: -
Hornsea Amateur Radio Club - opens a new window.

Link not working - York Amateur Radio Society (G3HWW)- opens a new window.

York Amateur Club (G4YCC)- opens a new window.

RSGB Website- opens a new window.

RSGB Training - opens a new window.


R.S.G.B. Course Materials and books.

Paying for Exams:

Members can join the club training course and become a licensed Radio Amateur within 6 months, depending on your level of interest in this amazing hobby.

Meetings and events.

Radio Hams are a friendly bunch with multiple interests so meetings are full of variety for members, Talks on Radio, Communications, DX (long distance contacts) and antenna design ideas, visits to places of local interest, Contests and field days and Special Events.

The Scarborough Amateur Radio Society is an active club and all members can take part, all members can take on management or comittee duties and can elected for service at the Annual General meetings each year or whenever a post becomes available.