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New Members are always welcome,

S.A.R.S Scarborough Amateur Radio Society was formed in 1932, 82 years ago, In February and July 2013 we celebrated our 80th anniversary with the special event station GB8OSC.

We run training for new members each year For the RAE licence exams.

Officers and Committee

at the A.G.M. each year the officers and committee are elected to run the club for the next year. All full members can be nominated for election to the posts, most of officers will stand for nomination and election for a number of years. .

Elected members. radio ham

At this years A.G.M. March 2018 the following members where elected to serve:



Chairman: M0VCB Conrad Fox

Vice Chairman: G0VXE Dave Herbert

Secretary 2E0SCN Janet Porter

Treasurer M0MXX Malcolm Day

Committee: G0WHO Robert Clutson, M0JLP Jeremy Powell, M0HQO Peter Freeman

Technical Manager: G4DAX Dave Smith

Repeater Keeper: G4EQS Simon Dowson

Training Manager: M0JLP Jeremy Powell

Examination Secretary: M0HQO Peter Freeman

The Club Constitution

The Scarborough Amateur Radio Society is an active club and all members can take part, all members can take on management or committee duties and can elected for service at the Annual General meetings each year or when ever a post becomes available.